Devils Lake High School Announcements

Wednesday, February 20th

Seniors:  Be sure to keep checking out the scholarships, they change frequently.  They are also posted outside the counselor’s office.


Students:  Just a reminder that if you are assigned detention, please serve it ASAP, therefore you won’t have to sit during semester finals.


Students:  Mid-quarter  eligibility goes in effect TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Students:  Just a reminder that hats and hoods are NOT to be worn in the building.


Students:  Just a reminder that the school is going to be very busy for the next 2 weeks due to Regional’s and Districts.  Therefore, be sure you have your stuff out of the locker rooms.


Juniors are scheduled to take the ACT on March 12th.  Be sure you are studying for it!  You can find study materials on the DLHS Counseling web page: under the link for the Test Prep.

**This is the test that could help you qualify for admission to colleges and scholarship awards.

Also you will have to take an additional remedial course for English and Math if you don’t score high enough (have to pass it, pay for it, AND get no college credit for it!) so you want to do your best.

Review those core classes that you took in the 9th grade.

Check with your Math, English and Science teachers if you’re not sure what to study.  If you have “how to” questions since the Test Prep sessions that the counselors did, check with the counselors.


Activities for this week; Feb. 18th thru Feb. 23rd

Thursday, Feb. 21st:  EDC Band @ GFRR, BBB @ Davies, GBB @ Davies                                     12:30/12:45— Boys/Girls State Hockey

Friday, Feb. 22nd:  BBB “C”-tourney @ F. Davies, GBB “C” tourney@ F. Davies,                                             Boys/Girls State Hockey