Devils Lake High School Announcements

                                 Monday, October 26th, 2020


STUDENTS:  Be sure to be checking your attendance on your power school.  If you notice any Unexcused absences and you were present talk to the teacher and get it taken care of.  This will eliminate detention assigned, that you were not aware of.  Attendance is your responsibility!!!!!!

ALSO, remind your parents to call in ASAP if you are not going to be in class.  This is very important to our COVID tracking.


Students:  Just a reminder that you are required to be in school or on-line every single day.   Even though you are on-line from home, your parents need to still call the office for any absences.  Teachers are to mark you UA if you do not log in to their class.  Office personal are the ONLY ones that can change absences.  Therefore it is very important for  your parents to communicate with the office.  Thank you



Students at Devils Lake High School have the opportunity to interview a person about their career without leaving the building.  It’s called ASK ME!

Listed below are the professionals who are scheduled to appear in the Global Lab in the near future.  Contact Mrs. Baird if interested.

October 26th, Pharmacist


The end of the 1st quarter is October 30th.  Be sure to get all your work caught up.